Can insects save humanity?

Article by Makhosi Mahlangu, Operations Officer

With an increase in the global population and the need to avail new arable land, there is a need to look for alternative farming systems that are sustainable. The production of protein from macro-farming units is becoming unsustainable. To add to this demeanour is the food waste debacle.

The present review evaluates the insect industry holistically from the growth of the insects to harvesting and processing, to using insects in food waste reduction, to the production of bioactive ingredients from insects, to food safety issues regarding entomophagy, and to consumer acceptance of the insects. The authors highlight the potential of using insects as future food and feed components and evaluate the stronger sustainability of protein production through insect farming.


Entomophagy is a global culinary trend dominant in Africa, America, and Asia. With increased migration, the use of insects has to be seriously evaluated in markets not readily accepting them. The use of insects in the feed also offers a potential for sustainable protein utilisation, considering that soybean protein and fishmeal are becoming difficult to use as a protein source due to costs and unsustainable production methods. The future for the insect industry looks positive from all fronts.

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