About Us

How it was formed

AFR was founded in 2017 in Ancona, Italy by three individuals Makhosi Mahlangu (Zimbabwe), Andrea Torresi (Italy) and Ahmed Altaher (Sudan). Currently not less than 50 science, engineering and economics graduate students are involved in the AFR team. The group consists of 8 food scientists. As AFR we intend to disruptively increase food production on the African continent, through amplifying food production in the African village using local indigenous traditional foods compared to the importation of genetics, which often lead to loss of local ecosystems which have developed over millenia.


Feeding Africa from the villages


Is to use scientific, technological and human determinism to amplify food production units from the African village through sustainable production systems from the village to the hand which consumes

Goals and Objectives

  • To be the definition and vision of traditional African food systems from villages
  • To be the solution to any problem related to Food production in African villages.
  • To be the first port of call for issues regarding Food Laws and Food Safety in African villages.
  • Smooth and Easy networking amongst various stakeholders

African Food Revolution Values

As African Food Revolution we use UBUNTU as part of the teams’ core values. We define UBUNTU into survival, solidarity spirit, compassion and respect.

The performance and survival of AFR depends on the individual team numbers who through their knowledge, skills and abilities ensure that AFR maintains high levels of productivity and effectiveness. The team members rely on each other to ensure that personal goals are sacrificed for the goals of the team. The fact that the team comes from different villages in Africa makes us dynamic and adaptive to any problem thrown at us.

Solidarity spirit
We value working on tasks as a team as we firmly believe that the African food problem can only be solved by Africans living in rural villages. By working as different nationals with a common goal, helps us embrace a spirit of unison on a common enemy which is hunger. We share common flora and fauna which also strengthens the solidarity spirit.

Compassion has made Africans survive in difficult times. Compassion in AFR helps us create a shared vision. We firmly believe that all humans are interconnected. The shared vision ensures that all our team members belong in a gastronomic social network with common goals and objectives. We have been brought up through commensality when we share meals with our families. This also strengthens the team.

At AFR we understand that lack of respect and dignity leads to unobtainable goals. High levels of respect and dignity positively influence AFR performances. Our team members aim to possess mutual trust for each other and various stakeholders, which creates a positive climate, leading to a more effective AFR team. Our diversity in the group and the respect for each other makes us a powerful entity. We are borderless in our quest for local food satiety.


  • AFR will work across the Food chain, offering the following services to food producers:
  • Local and traditional food product development and marketing
  • Scientific research on indigenous and traditional African foods
  • Indigenous tree identification and use of GIS systems
  • Indigenous animal husbandry and welfare
  • Novel food production
  • Insect marketing and recipe development
  • Product development
  • Developing and modifying African Food laws and Food Safety Regulations
  • Career guidance for students
  • Village farmer trainings on local genetics
  • Equipment testing and suggesting suitable equipment for food producers
  • Market analysis using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Regression models and Exchange Rate models

Our Research and Development Hub
As a team we use our previous experiences in the African village to ideate, strategize and find solutions to the food crisis in Africa through embracing technology and use of the latest research methodologies.

Rural entrepreneurship
Has a huge potential to drive food production in marginalized areas and alleviate poverty through employment creation. Local agrifood chains have multiple hindrances which often affect the full potential of this industry. AFR intends to disruptively penetrate this sector using technology, intuition and scientific acumen. There is a huge potential in creating a new viable industry using indigenous and traditional foods. This is due to increased number of African foods making into mainstream culinary streams such as Teff.
Our potential clients
Our potential clients are the numerous village farmers, food producers and owners of small holder restaurants, selling mainly indigenous food products. Our various potential customers have limited access to food evaluation by scientific institutes. We link the gap between the Doable and the Un-Doable, demystifying all potential threats.

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