Amagugu Food Festival – May 2022

Our indigenous African food remains an unopened treasure trove that offers a unique gastronomic experience. To develop the industry we first have to know how our forefathers managed to enjoy nutritious, wholesome and rich food. To move forward we need to look back and develop a clear and solid food foundation. The traditional food expo 2022 will identify traditional African foods and help develop this unique and novel food industry into the next global food craze. To develop the African food industry, we need to know our food intrinsically. This collaborative expo between the African Food Revolution and Amagugu International Heritage Centre will help amplify our indigenous African foods into uncharted food territories.

An explosive combination between the duo George Masarira and Makhosi Mahlangu

The complexities of Traditional African Foods by George Masarira and Makhosi Mahlangu
Venue: TBA
Date: 12 March 2022
Description: Award-winning visual artist George Masarira collaborates with award-winning food scientist Makhosi Mahlangu to create the inaugural Art and Food Festival that is themed “The complexities of Traditional African Foods”. It is one of the first initiatives globally that fuses abstract art and traditional African foods. The event will be a one-day event that will showcase the talent of these 2 creative artists.

Public Lecture on Traditional African Foods by Makhosi Mahlangu
Venue: National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo
Date: TBA
Description: Come listen to a wide variety of traditional African foods and a new symbiotic relationship with science and technology. African food will never be the same.
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